Review #2 – Rounton Coffee Roasters

Hello again folks.

I come to you today with a confession.  I really love this roaster.  In fact, their in house Granary Blend is my current all time favourite coffee.  You can have your Kopi Luwak, your Geisha, your Blue Mountain or your Hawaiian Extra Fancy, I’ll take this over any of them.

In fact, I’ve bought nearly 2kgs of this single blend over the last year more than any other single roaster, it’s just that good (Please note, I am not sponsored by Rounton Coffee Roasters, this fangasm is brought to you completely free).

Without further ado, let’s do what we’re here to do and dive in to my latest experience with ordering from them.

Rounton Coffee Roasters are another Yorkshire roaster, and I swear this isn’t just a trend of me liking coffees from Yorkshire.  Or is it…? Now I need to check the locations of my other favourite coffee suppliers!


The shop design, once again, is clean and easy to navigate, with everything you need only a click or two away.  As per my last review, we’re going to look at the house blends offered by this roaster.  Rounton only offer one and as I mentioned above it’s called “The Granary Blend” and the costs for it run as follows –

£5.90 for a 250 bag.
£3.30 – 1st class postage
£3.00 – 2nd class postage

The checkout process was reasonably straightforward, though one thing I do have to mention is that on checkout there’s an option to like Rounton’s page on Facebook for a discount on your coffee –


I clicked the link, there was a popup with an option to like the FB page, but no discount was applied to my order. I’ve not received any email with a discount code or anything so I’m not sure quite what happened there.  50p really isn’t enough money for me to make a fuss about, but I felt I should mention that, at least for me, it didn’t seem to do anything.



I do like it when companies send their coffee out in resealable bags to help keep it all fresh. Just remember one thing – You don’t need to put your beans in the fridge or the freezer, folks!  Keeping them in an airtight container or bag will do just fine. Though, as with everything else in this particular industry/community, you’ll find as many people who say it’s fine as those who claim you’re ruining your coffee by putting it in the fridge.

My coffee usually lives in the hopper of my Barista Express, or in either its original packaging, or a ziplock-type bag to keep it airtight.


I swear that first whiff when you open a fresh new bag of coffee is one of the best things in life.  Other than crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women, I mean that goes without saying, but coffee is damn good too.


This is one coffee I will highly recommend you use to make milk-based drinks as opposed to hot water, it makes a far better flat white or latte than it does an americano.  Unlike the previous coffee, where milk tended to mute the Beverley’s flavours, the Granary comes alive.


It’s another coffee that veers more towards the nutty end of the scale rather than fruity.  It’s rich and mellow, though I’ve never got much of a chocolate taste from it myself, I think it’s much more toffee/caramel flavours that come through.  Why is it my favourite? Well, because from the first sip to the last, the Granary Blend is simply perfect. There’s not a sour or bitter note to be found, not a hint of over-roasting, no coarseness to the taste at all.

Some coffees I find, you drink them and it’s lovely, lovely, still lovely, then you get that very last mouthful at the bottom of your cup and suddenly there’s something bitter, something sour, an aftertaste that doesn’t quite jibe with the rest of the drink.  The Granary Blend has none of that, every mouthful as great as the one before it.

For me, this is the coffee that’s set the bar for every other roaster to aspire to and one I can’t recommend highly enough that you try.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you find it useful.


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