Review #3 – Small Batch Coffee Roasters

Hello again folks.

Hopefully by now you know the format, so let’s get stuck into things and take a look at my latest purchase.

Small Batch Coffee Roasters are based down in Hove/Brighton, with multiple branches, through the actual roastery is located in Portslade. Their website follows the trend of a lot of third-wave roasters with a nice, simple white background and a clean layout that makes it simple to find whatever you need. I had no problems at all finding the coffees and the information about them that I wanted.



As per the previous reviews we’re going to look at the house blends on offer here.  We have two for espresso, one called the “Throwback Espresso” and the other called “Goldstone Espresso” which is the one I went for in the end.  Costs for the Goldstone Espresso are as follows –

£5.95 for a 250g bag.
£2.00 – 1st class postage

Dispatch and delivery was very quick, the coffee dispatched on the same day I ordered it, and it arrived the next day which was perfect timing as I’d just run out of the Rounton Granary Blend! No problems with the checkout process here, I was able to use Paypal to pay for everything, no fuss at all.



Four things I want to note here.

  1. Yay for flat bags that fit through letterboxes! I love these, and wish every roaster used them as it just makes things simple. No waiting till the next day to run the sorting office or rescheduling a delivery. I guess maybe it’s an issue of cost?  Or maybe just personal preference.
  2. I also like it when you get these cards with the coffee that give you more information about where it’s come from, how it’s been processed, etc. It’s good to learn about the source of the beans.
  3. Woooo for resealable bags! Just a nice-to-have rather than a necessity, but still appreciated for those who may not have somewhere else to store their beans.
  4. The bag that arrives is different from the one on their website which is black on the front and doesn’t look like it’s resealable, so perhaps those are the ones they sell in their shops?  Not a complaint, just an observation.



My apologies but for this review there’s not going to be any pictures of the actual ground coffee, I had a few issues with my grinder so let’s move straight on to the actual finished shot once I sorted all those problems out.


As per the advice of the website, I used this to make myself a latte and I have to say it was a really enjoyable drink that only improved as I got further into the mug.  The chocolate and citrus notes were very much in evidence here though they weren’t overpowering and, like the Rounton coffee, there wasn’t a hint of bitterness anywhere to be found.  All in all a lovely drink!

The next morning I tried it with hot water and I gotta agree with them, it’s not a BAD drink as an americano, but (no offence, guys) there’s nothing that really makes it stand out either.  As with the Granary, I’ll say this one is lovely from the first sip to the last and I’m already thinking about making my second coffee of the day.  However, it’s definitely one to use with milk based drinks if you want to get the best from it.

Has it toppled Rounton from it’s Number 1 spot? Not quite. There’s something about the Granary Blend, a depth that was just slightly lacking from the Goldstone, but this has taken a very well deserved number 2 spot in my list.  I’ll definitely be placing another order in the future and maybe I’ll try the Throwback next time as well.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you find it useful!

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