Review #8 – Strangers Coffee Company

Hello everyone, it’s a lovely, cold, crisp November morning as I write this.  A perfect time to stay inside and drink some nice coffee!

Strangers Coffee Company are based in Norwich and have been in business since 2009.


They currently have seven coffees on offer, along with a selection of merch and brewing equipment.  They also have a cafe as well as a roastery if you happen to be in the Norwich area and would like to try them for yourself.

They don’t have a specific house blend, all their coffees being single origin. At the moment they have the folllowing in stock –

  • Ethiopia – Rocko Mountain & Biftu Gudina
  • Kenya – Kainamuni
  • Guatemala – Santa Lucia
  • Colombia – Los Congos & Suaza (Decaf)
  • Brazil – Fazenda Santa Barbara

They do a flat rate £2 shipping, or you can get it free if you spend over £25.

I decided to go with the Guatemalan Santa Lucia as I’ve not really tried much of that kind of coffee.  The buying process was straighforward and I encountered no issues at all with placing my order.  The coffee arrived with me super fast I gotta say.  I placed my order on the 22nd and it was not only shipped on the 23rd, it was roasted the same day!  I had it with me by the 24th.  So short of actually going to the roastery myself, you’re not going to get much quicker delivery than that.

The bag arrived flatpacked, yay! It’s also re-sealable, double yay! That’s two big thumbs up there from me.  I also love this little chart on the front with the elevation, process, etc. That’s really nifty.

Unfortunately, for the second time in a row, here’s where the review becomes less positive. I just didn’t like this coffee. I found it really bland and forgettable when used for either milk or water based drinks. It seemed very weak.  I even started drinking it in one of my smaller cups to see if it helped and….it didn’t.  The tasting notes were barely there, the actual taste of coffee was very weak.

As far as I can tell it wasn’t being under-extracted, the puck was always nice and dry, the machine suggesting the pressure was bang on, it just…wasn’t very nice to use for espresso at all.

In the syphon it came to life a bit more, the fruity notes were far more evident, but it also become very sharp and acidic and not entirely pleasant towards the end of the cup.  I’m afraid that, all in all, this isn’t one I’m going to recommend. It just did nothing at all for me.  Sorry, Strangers Coffee, but I certainly won’t be ordering that one again.

Now I will hold my hand up and say, as mentioned earlier, I don’t often order Guatemalan coffee so it might just be that I don’t like this particular coffee! I also don’t tend to get on too well with Colombian coffees, I’m really not a fan of them at all. Perhaps I need to add Guatemala to the list of varieties to avoid and instead try ordering something else from this roaster.

It’s a slightly ironic statement as my next coffee review WILL be of a Colombian coffee! Fire Station Coffee has got in touch with me and sent a free bag for me to try.  I’ll provide full details of that in the next review along with answers to some of the questions I had for them.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this review.  I hope you find it helpful in picking out a coffee for yourself.

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