The Pact Advent Calendar – Day 4

Moving on up! Your love keeps lifting me higher! Okay, cheesy lyrics aside, let’s get into day four.

So yeah! I’m pretty impressed so far.  For those keeping score we’re currently at “Like, Like, Meh” and this one is another for the “Like!” column.  Opening the bag, those floral, rich notes are immediately apparent and I will admit to spending slightly longer than usual just enjoying the scent. Yum. The grounds seemed to be a bit of a darker coffee than the ones before it as well.  It promises good things.

In the cup it’s really pleasant, I’ve gone back to making all these drinks with water as well, to ensure that I’m not skewing my opinions by mixing up the ways I’m preparing them.  It’s slightly more, well, sharp than the ones that have come before it, but not unpleasantly so, and I enjoyed it from the first mouthful to the last, with no last minute acidity lurking at the bottom of the cup.

You’re on a roll, Advent Calendar.  Keep it up!

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