The Pact Advent Calendar – Day 5

~Insert random song lyrics here~

Listening to White Zombie at the moment. They’re a great band, but not particularly…Christmassy.  So let’s forego the preamble and get stuck into day five!

I liked this one! Definitely quite milky and chocolatey notes there, reminded me of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with one important distinction – I actually enjoyed it. I’m more of a Galaxy chocolate kinda guy, but this was a really pleasant coffee. We can chalk another one into the “Like” column.

I might have to try hunting some of this up again so I can try it with hot milk rather than water. I think it might make a delicious little drink like a cortado or something.  I think you’d need to go easy with the milk to avoid drowning it out as it’s quite a subtle flavour.

Right, that’s it for day five! So far this advent calendar is turning out to be a great purchase.

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