The Pact Advent Calendar – Day 21

Keeping this one brief, I’m afraid.  I’ve come down with a stinking head cold right now so unfortunately coffee sort of just tastes like coffee at the moment so I suspect I might not be being entirely fair to the next few days of the calendar as I can barely smell anything at the moment.  Oh well, it is what it is!

This one was….alright. I think it was good enough not to merit a “Meh” but nor was it one I’d desperately go out of my way to drink.  Now the card says the tasting notes were “stone fruit” and that’s what I detected, a sort of fruitiness to each mouthful, but nothing that I could specifically put a name to.

What’s interesting is that my friend with her calendar, she tried this one and described it as smokey, definitely not a word I’d have used for it!  Goes to show what a difference it can make between people and how dependent it is on how you make it as well.


One thought on “The Pact Advent Calendar – Day 21

  1. I had made mine with milk, so when I tasted it there was a muted fruit flavour and that seemed to make it smokey in flavour. I found it very pleasant!


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