The Pact Advent Calendar – Day 22

Back on track.  Like Thomas the Tank Engine.

Today’s coffee has an awesome name, however the connotations it brings up in my head aren’t great.  It makes me think of the Pak’ma’ra from Babylon 5, who were a race of smelly carrion eaters!  Luckily, this coffee is far nicer than that. Also, I will studiously NOT be mentioning “Who’s your little Pak’ma’ra” because there are things we don’t need to be thinking about.

Oh yes.  This one was lovely.  You open the bag and your nostrils are immediately hit with the smell of cherries and chocolate.  It’s not QUITE black forest gateau flavoured coffee, but it really was quite delicious.  It was so rich with cherry overtones it was almost boozy.  I always find coffees like this put me in mind of red wine.

Thoroughly enjoyed, another in the “Like” column, would definitely buy again, regret not having any more to try it in hot milk!


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