The Pact Advent Calendar – Day 23

Today’s coffee is brought to you by “Aw crap, the last two days are both Colombian.” Have I mentioned I’m, not a big fan of Colombian coffee? What’s that?  I’ve mentioned it so many times I sound like a broken record? Oh, alright then.  Let’s talk about a coffee that isn’t Colombian! (How many times can I say ‘Colombian’ in one paragraph?)

Two more days to go, and this one goes straight into the “Dislike” column. I’m beginning to suspect I don’t care for honey processed coffees. This was another that goes solidly into the sharp, almost sour families of coffee.  Tasting notes are listed as “papaya”.  Now I haven’t the slightest clue what that actually tastes like, but if it’s anything like the coffee then I suspect I wouldn’t care for it all that much.

My wife didn’t mind it, so she ended up drinking the rest of my cup so it didn’t go to waste at least!

So, tomorrow is Christmas Eve proper, I hope wherever you are you have a good supply of lovely coffee laid in, your shopping is all done, presents all sorted and you’re looking forward to Christmas Day.  Talk at you all tomorrow.


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