The Pact Advent Calendar – Day 25 and Final Thoughts.

Here we are at the end at last, we round out our little coffee journey with another Colombian offering and I swear I need to stick a note on the cupboards above my coffee machine that just says “TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SHOT” in huge letters as I forgot to do it yet again.  Doh.

This one was alright. It was neither particularly interesting, nor particularly unpleasant.  It was quite smooth, not particularly fruity or acidic, a perfectly pleasant coffee to start my day with and round out 25 days of reviews! I’m still not a massive fan of Colombian coffee, but I would like to thank Pact for introducing me to some that are not only not half bad, but I’d actually buy again!

So what did I think of the calendar as a whole? The calendar cost me £35, so that works out to a cost of £1.40 per cup of coffee. That, however, is a discounted price as we bought two calendars at once.  On their own they’re £39, for a cost of nearer to £1.60 per cup.

How did my opinions break down in the end?

  • Like – 15
  • Meh – 5
  • Dislike – 5

I’d consider that a pretty decent ratio all in all. Only five that I actively didn’t enjoy and twenty that I either really liked, or at least didn’t mind. Also, this let me identify some trends in my coffee drinking.  I don’t really care for coffees from Guatemala, nor do I enjoy ones that are honey processed.  Having so many different coffees in quick succession has let me identify trends that I might otherwise have missed.

I also think that if you (or a friend) want to get a bit more serious about coffee, then this is a really good place to start. It lets you try lots of different types for not a massive outlay of cash compared to buying full bags from lots of roasters.

Would I buy it again?  I would.

Would I post a review a day for it again? Maybe not. 🙂

That’s it for this year, thanks very much for taking the time to read my thoughts on all these different coffees and thanks again to Pact for producing a very nice calendar!


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