Coffee Review #22 – 3pm Coffee

So this is something a little out of my usual purview, but I was intrigued enough to give them a look. 3pm Coffee make coffee bags. Basically tea bags, but with coffee in them…or so I thought. Oh no, we have some interesting technical wizardry going on here. Does it work? Kinda.

3pm Coffee haven’t been around for a massive amount of time, only coming into existence in August 2018 but they’ve certainly got a unique product on offer. While coffee bags are no new thing to the UK coffee market, I’ve never seen any quite like these before. These are Japanese filter coffee bags and they’re kind of fascinating.

At the moment you have four tiers available for purchase. You can order a “Coffee Sample” of just two pouches for the pricely sum of nothing at all at the moment. Then you have the following options –

  • The “Small Discovery Pack” – 4 pouches for £4.95
  • The “Large Discovery Pack” – 10 pouches for £10.95
  • The “Signature Coffee Box” – 24 pouches for £23.95

All of the above come with free delivery so you’re paying roughly £1 and a bit per bag/pouch which isn’t bad at all. You can also save yourself some money on the two bigger boxes by signing up for a monthly sub which saves you £1 a box for the Large and £3 a box for the Signature.

The coffee on offer rotates out fairly frequently and at the time of writing they have coffees from the following roasters –

  • Frazer’s Coffee Roasters
  • Strangers Coffee
  • Exchange Coffee
  • Django Coffee
  • Cannonball Coffee

Which is kind of cool as I’m only familiar with one of those, Strangers, so that’s more roasters for me to add to my ever growing list! So, enough talk about the products on offer, let’s look at what the actual coffee pouches are like. You get a little fold out pamphlet that gives you additional information about your coffee, which is always nice..

So as you can see, they come in individual little sachets and this is where I first realised that what I bought wasn’t what I thought I’d bought. I was expecting coffee bags that were just like teabags, ones you just toss in a cup to infuse as they were the only ones I’d had experience with. Oh no, these things are awesome.

I mean look! Lookit that! It’s a mini drip filter! How awesome is that? I f’king LOVE the design of these things, they’re adorable. They feel a bit flimsy, but I didn’t have a single problem with them, they hooked nicely onto my glass Bodum mug, didn’t slip or sag or anything.

But now we reach the crux of the matter. What was the coffee like? Honestly it was a bit weak. Now partly that’s my fault, I like a somewhat strong coffee. I regularly put two shots in my americanos and lattes so I found this one a bit lacking in the body department, a bit on the watery side when made in a full size mug. I don’t know if I was meant to leave the bag sitting in the actual water for longer than I did or if that’s just how they taste. If I made them wrong, folks at 3pm, please do let me know!

The actual coffee was nice, a very clean cup, no sludge or anything. The coffees were both on the fruitier end of things, so both right up my alley. Your mileage will vary, of course, as since I ordered mine they have a whole other new set of roasters and coffees on offer.

Would I recommend these? I can see the appeal, certainly, they’re very simple to use, nifty to look at, don’t require anywhere near the faff of a full on drip filter, or something like a Kafflano Classic, Aeropress or the like, but the coffee itself was a bit underwhelming. Maybe with a smaller mug, or with more time spent sitting in the cup it’d pick up a bit more strength and body but for me they’re a novelty I likely won’t pick up again.

But hey, you can get two pouches for nothing at all. Give them a try, see for yourself! You might like them!